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Senorio de Ayud.


Calatayud DO , Calatayud, Spain

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Senorio de Ayud.

Macabeo is a native white grape variety of Spain. It is fresh and extremely zingy with lime, lemon and peach flavours underpinned by a crisp acidity. Perfectly refreshing on its own or alternatively is great with seafood.

Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Cesar Langa

Calatayud is an arid, rocky and romantic region in North East Spain. Poets were writing about wine production here in 500BC. Centuries later, Juan and Cesar Langa continue to provide a muse for artists as they proudly maintain their independent winery.


They are the 5th generation of winemakers and are one of only three independent growers in a region dominated by bulk-wine co-operatives. The whole operation is a family affair. Their father oversees the business, Juan and Cesar are in control of winemaking and their sister, Maria Teresa, pulls the administrative strings.



Today their grapes are grown in the environs of the rugged and beautiful slopes of Mount Vicor. Their 70 hectares are split over two vineyards with distinctive and contrasting micro-climates.

Los Yermos translates as “the wilderness” and this vineyard is described as “an oasis in the middle of the dessert.” Wild rosemary and thyme scent the air, and here red grapes are in their element with the flat, stony minerals and clay soil. Higher up the slopes of Mount Vicor, the white grapes of El Coll enjoys higher rainfall and a cooler climate. The presence of pine, cherry and almond trees prove the disparity of this region.



Juan and Cesar are proud of the wild beauty of their region. This is why they practice 100% organic winemaking. They feel that it is vital to maintain the natural flora, fauna and micro-biology of their ecosystem. Doing so promotes a healthy balance in the soil and allows natural yeasts to propagate on their grapes. The Langa family are continuing to improve Spain’s record of independent and artisanal winemaking

Bodegas Langa

The hundred-year-old vineyards have a reserved and very distinguished place, vineyards that give rise to the most distinctive wines in the Langa cellar and in the DO Calatayud. Wines produced thanks to the selection the Langa family make every year of the best and oldest autochthonous grapes from the area, whose crops give a low yield but are of an unbeatable quality. These hundred-year-old vineyards have lasted throughout the years so that their delicate aromas and sweet flavours can be enjoyed today.

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