Collection: Bordeaux

Bordeaux is where Wines Direct started! After spending time in the region, our founder Paddy began importing our first wines from Bordeaux Winemakers we still work with today. Split by the Gironde river with merlot like Saint Emillion and Pomeral wines on the right bank. On the left bank, Cabernet dominated wines from famous parishes of Saint Estephe and the elegant Margaux. The region's iconic appellations, such as Médoc and Saint-Émilion, produce some of the world's most sought-after wines, further cementing Bordeaux's status as a symbol of quality, tradition, and excellence in the world of wine, Bordeaux is renowned for its centuries-old winemaking traditions, boasting a diverse terroir that includes gravel, limestone, and clay soils. Due to a change in climate there is a quiet revolution happening. With wine makers experimenting with grape varieties such as syrah and chardonnay and old varieties such as malbec reappearing. Meaning Bordeaux not only has both the prestige and the experimental attitude, always bringing new & exciting wines to the table.