Collection: Chardonnay

If you are looking to buy chardonnay wine online, look no further than the award winning collection below. The Chardonnay grape makes some of the most expensive white wines in the world. Its strength lies in its malleability, adopting different styles according to the techniques employed by the winemaker. It can be grown in cool, moderate and warm climates, and it has a spectrum of flavours that mirrors its range. All of this makes it one of the most versatile and exciting varieties both to make and to drink.

Techniques that Chardonnay lends itself to include:barrel or steel tank fermentation (oaked or unoaked); battonage (mixing the fermenting wine with its yeasts to give all those complex biscuity flavours; and malolactic fermentation (a second type of anaerobic fermentation that reduces acidity). These techniques give the wine varying degrees of complexity and elevate it beyond the realm of primary fruit flavours towards subtle secondary ones.