About us


Finding a wine you love isn’t always easy; the burden choice can be too cumbersome. Our mission is to make it easy for the Wines Direct customer to enjoy good wines and to drink better. 

We’re Gareth & Gavin Keogh, second-generation wine lovers. We’re brothers, we’ve taken over our family’s business, and we love sharing delicious wines direct from iconic, indie vineyards. 

We have strengthened the Wines Direct experience by incorporating three fundamental values into our customers’ experience: 

  1. Always Enjoyable
    We’re passionate about creating an experience that everyone can enjoy wine and drink better.
  2. Always Easy
    Direct by name and direct by nature! Our wines are unique but inclusive to all. From Bordeaux to Frankland River, we’ve got your wine discovery journey covered. 
  3. Always Sharing
    Our wine knowledge spans over three decades. We’ve learned from the best and continue to do so. Sharing stories about our delicious wines and their makers is what we love to do.