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Antech Cuvee Reserve Brut

Mauzac, Chenin, Chardonnay

Blanquette de Limoux AOP, Languedoc, France

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Antech Cuvee Reserve Brut

The traditional method of making sparkling wine was used in Limoux long before it reached Champagne. So it makes sense that Antech produce this sparkling wine with all the confidence and flair of originators. It is pale gold with aromas of spring flowers, and the fruit flavour is full and fresh.

Mauzac, Chenin, Chardonnay
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Françoise Antech

Limoux is the home of sparkling wines. Historians believe
that in 1531, long before corks were popping in
Champagne, monks in the abbey of Saint-Hilaire near
Limoux had invented the sparkling wine still made there:
Blanquette de Limoux. Antech (pronounced “Anne –
Tash”) has been part of this tradition since the late
19th century.

Antech has been a family winery from the start. Françoise
Antech is the 6th generation of her family to run the estate
and winery and is dedicated to making wine worthy of
their legacy. Françoise attributes her wines’ unique
character to the three terroirs that influence her vineyards:
the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean Sea, and that sea’s
hinterland. The results are fantastic wines that balance
freshness with sweet and savoury elements.

Antech has a wide-ranging and fully integrated policy of
sustainability. When we visited, Françoise Antech told us
she wants to make wines that benefit the land, her
customers, her employees and future generations, as well
as her family and herself.


Antech's vines planted on a triptych of Limoux terroirs offer freshness from the Pyrenees, vinousness from the ocean and roundness from the Mediterranean.

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