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Best Sellers White - 12 Bottle Case

Best Sellers White - 12 Bottle Case

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Bundle Contains

  • Domaine Félines Jourdan Domaine Félines Jourdan

    A unique white wine from near a shellfish-rich lagoon, great with seafood and fab on its own. Claude Jourdan's vineyard runs down to the Bassine de Thau, where the roots are where the vineyard is at the highest altitude on the estate,...

  • Crasto Douro White Crasto Douro White

    This is the Chablis of the Douro. A very fresh and fragrant modern style of wine from a beautiful hillside vineyard. There are lovely aromas of herbs and wildflowers, along with citrus and asparagus, paving the way for crunchy green a...

  • Las Cuadras Las Cuadras

    This is a distinctive wine blended from Muscat and Viognier. Fresh and enticing with tropical fruit and citrus notes underpinned by a delicate floral character and a drizzle of honey. The finish is moderately long with a crisp palate-...

  • Domaine des Corbillires Domaine des Corbillires

    This Sauvignon Blanc has a beautiful varietal nose with delicious aromas of gooseberry, pear and lychee and herbaceous hints on the palate rounded by crisp citrus acidity. Wines Direct were delighted to find this husband and wife run ...

  • Ciu Ciu Tebaldo Ciu Ciu Tebaldo

    Tebaldo’s combination of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, while it sounds like a mouthful, delivers a wine of elegance and balance. There are initial buttery fruit flavours that lead into an attractive and crisp finish. T...

  • Coriole Chenin Blanc Coriole Chenin Blanc

    Coriole Chenin Blanc is a crisp and dry white wine with a hint of kiwi fruit and a lovely clean finish. It is good with slightly spicy food, or enjoyed sitting in the garden in warm sunshine! Outstanding value from Australia.

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