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F**k COVID-19 | 6 Bottle Case


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F**k COVID-19 | 6 Bottle Case

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We realise some of you may express this emotion using more sophisticated vernacular (straight away, we apologize to those curse averse). Still, we can most likely get together on the overall sentiment. Thanks to our good friend and winemaker Pier Paolo Antolini in Italy, we can express this overwhelming feeling by pouring a glass of fantastic wine. Pier Paolo sent Wines Direct a bottle of Amarone with the "F**K COVID label" when this all began and as days turned into months…well, it grew into a big F.U. At this stage, together with Pier Paolo, we decided to create an exclusive case with a fabulous mix of wines to share in commiseration (and our passion for great wine) with you. So here it is, F**K COVID-19! Sláinte and Saluti!

The cool thing about this case (other than the excellent wine and label) is its ageing potential. It may be the best time capsule from this crazy moment in time. Who cannot wait to look back on all of this in the rearview mirror while sipping a smooth and beautifully aged Amarone? The Valpolicella Classico is ready for drinking now but can be put away for a few years. The rest can be put away for 5+ years and the Amarone for 10+ years! Just be sure to age your wine in a cool, dark place where temperatures do not fluctuate.

** Disclaimer: Wines Direct takes the Covid-19 situation very seriously and incidentally are on team #wearamask. We have changed our operations completely to allow for the safety of our customers and staff and stand by friends and family affected by the virus. But like you, we cannot wait to freely break from restrictions and instead freely break bread and pour a glass of wine with you again. And to this, we say, F**K COVID-19! And most importantly from everyone at Wines Direct (and our pal Pier Paolo Antolini in Italy) – Stay healthy and safe!

* Note : All wines in this case are back labelled F**K COVID-19 and Pier Paolo has boxed the 6 wines for us in his own presentation box (see photos).

1x Antolini Amarone Classico Morópio - Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG
Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara
We chose this Amarone from Pier Paulo Antolini for its elegance. Yes, it's full-bodied and rich, but with balancing acidity and soft tannins, due to the position of the vineyards, pergola planting to avoid over-ripeness, and great care in the natural drying of the grapes.

1x Antolini Corvina - Veronese IGT
Corvina, Corvinone
This wine is made from Corvina and Corvinone, Pier Paolo’s favourite grapes, which are carefully handpicked from the end of September to early October. Corvina Veronese has an intense, ruby colour with a bouquet of ripe cherries and red berries and a fresh savoury flavour, with mild tannins and a hint of spice.

2x Antolini Classico Superiore - Valpolicella Ripasso DOC
Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella
Vineyards situated mid-slope, southeast exposition and using pergola planting to avoid cooking the grapes in the hot summers. The use of natural yeast and native woods like chestnut, cherry and mulberry are all part of the individuality of Pier Paulo Antolini's wines. His Ripasso is elegant and not overpowered with oak. Olives, and willow for supporting the vines, are grown on the estate.

2x Antolini Valpolicella Classico - Valpolicella DOC Classico
Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella
This Valpolicella does exactly what a good ‘valpol’ should. It is fruit driven and refreshing with a long and pleasant finish. Tannins are soft and the palate is smooth with plenty of plum like fruit, making this a wonderful red wine either on its own or with traditional Italian cuisine.

Pier Paolo Antolini

We came across Pier Paolo Antolini while on a quest for new Italian  wines. We heard rave reviews about an up and coming winemaker known by locals as Amarone Boy. So we made a trip to Marano di Valpolicella, 25km north of Verona, to Pier Paolo Antolini's vineyard to see what Amarone Boy was all about.

As soon as we arrived, we realised Pier Paolo was our type of producer. He's energetic, enthusiastic and animated even by Italian standards.  Pier Paolo cares deeply about the land and the wine it produces, and  his passion is infectious. The vineyard is small, just 7.5 hectares, and  located on very stony ground. The ground around Marano di Valpolicella is so stony that it had to be completely cleared before it  could be cultivated. Pier Paolo did most of this work by hand, so every square meter of the vineyard is precious.

Pier Paolo raises his vines like children; each bunch of grapes receives personal care and attention. You can taste this nurturing in the wine. All Antolini wines possess intense aromas and a rich smoothness due to the temperature variation Marano di Valpolicella experiences between day and night. This variation is just another part of what Pier Paolo calls the Vital Flow in his vineyard, the synergy between the land, the grapes and the winemaker. It's this Vital Flow that's ultimately responsible for the fantastic wines that exemplify the best of Valpolicella.

To give you a better snapshot of Pier Paolo's witty and wild personality, he created a F-COVID 19 label for shipments to Wines Direct during the first lockdown. It was such a much-needed dose of lightheartedness in these crazy times that it turned into a hot ticket  item for people to get their hands on and ultimately turned into a very popular 6 Bottle case.


In Valpolicella it is not enough to cultivate the land. The land has to be shaped and sculptured, creating terraces and slopes; it has to be retained by dry walls, which are designed to follow the general slope and the exposition to the sun. The dry walls (marogne) were developed in ancient time, as a natural process, from the mounds of stones collected from the clearing of the fields, day after day.

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