Collection: Nathalie Perrodo

Chateau Labegorce is a great value introduction into the fine wines of Margaux, being a Margaux Cru Bourgeois Superieur as determined by the recently ratified 2003 Cru Bourgeois classification but without the hefty price tag commanded by some of its famous neighbours. Hubert Perrodo in purchased in 1989. Hubert's dream was to reunite the original three properties under a single banner. Sadly, he died before completing his mission. Many in Bordeaux expected his family to sell off the property, but Hubert's daughter Nathalie stepped up to the mark. She succeeded in reuniting the original Chateau Labegorce Estate with the acquisition of L'Abbé Gorsse de Gorsse.

Nathalie's winemaker is Marjolaine Maurice De Coninck who is renowned throughout the region and works as an adviser winemaker at other estates in Margaux. Under her dextrous management, the first vintage from the re-unified Chateau Labegorce was released in 2010.

The vines average 30 years of age but the oldest vines, on a four-hectare patch, date from between 1902 and 1950. Harvesting is by hand, and fermentation begins with a short, cold maceration followed by a temperature controlled process. Each parcel of vines is vinified separately.