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Le Vin a Boire de Luc Lapeyre Rose

Le Vin a Boire de Luc Lapeyre Rose

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A rosé from Nielluciu! This is a Corsican variety, and the type of grape which thrives in hotter climates. It matures later in the season, around the end of September, ensuring freshness. The Cinsault comes from 40-year-old vines, and when blended with the Nielluciu creates a juicy, fruity, summer wine.


Winemaker Jean-Yves Lapeyre
Country of Origin France
AOC Vin de France
Region Languedoc
Vintage 2022
ABV 12.0%
Style Rosé Wine
Food Pairings
  • Spicy Food
  • Light Fish & Shellfish


  • Low Acidity
    High Acidity
  • Light Bodied
    Full Bodied
  • Dry Profile
    Sweet Profile

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Jean Yves-Lapeyre

Luc Lapeyre's easygoing exterior belies the hard work and dedication which he applies to his wine. He is very much an instinctive winemaker. A technical question about the particular aromas and flavours of one of the wines will be answered with a Gallic shrug, telling us that that’s just the way his wine is, achieved by his intuition and experience in making the wine which represents him and his terroir. Having walked the vineyards with Luc, one gets a great sense of passion for his vocation. Luc works organically. When we asked him was it harder working this way, he nodded but said, "It's nicer, more technical and more interesting. You have to really watch your grapes and pay attention all the time. But it's better for everybody; for the environment, for the soil, for me as a winemaker and for the customer."

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