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Domaine Jousset `Exile` Blanc Pétillant

Domaine Jousset `Exile` Blanc Pétillant

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A dry, gently sparkling Pétillant Originel from young, minimal-interventionist winemakers Lise and Bertrand Jousset, who farm their 25 parcels by hand without chemicals. Fermentations are with wild yeasts, "the soul of their wines." A creamy mouthfeel with lemon, apple, stone and chalky notes.


Winemaker Domaine Jousset
Country of Origin France
AOC Vin de France
Region Loire Valley
Vintage 2022
ABV 12.5%
Style Champagne & Sparkling Wine
Food Pairings
  • Spicy Food
  • Rich Fish
  • Pork & Poultry
  • Light Fish & Shellfish


  • Low Acidity
    High Acidity
  • Light Bodied
    Full Bodied
  • Dry Profile
    Sweet Profile

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Domaine Jousset

Bertrand Jousset's wine growing venture began when he joined a viticulture program after a stint in the military. Lise grew up on a dairy farm south of Nantes and came to wine as waitstaff in the UK and France, then as a sommelier inParis. Aspiring vignerons, the two moved to the left bank of the Loire for the freedom and reasonable cost of land that Touraine had to offer. Their goal was to grow the best Chenin Blanc possible. The Joussets believe that 95% of wine comes from the vineyard, but that the last 5% is still very crucial. Choices intheir winemaking process ensure that their wines whilefalling into the category of ‘natural’ are without off odoursand flaws. Only the absolute minimum amount of sulphitesis used in the winemaking process, so nitrogen and carbondioxide are used to protect the wine during the final steps.

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