Quinta Do Crasto: Top 20 Vineyards!

Hey there, wine enthusiasts! Grab your glasses because we've got some exciting news to share that'll make your taste buds dance! Our rockstar vineyard partner, Quinta do Crasto, just snagged a spot in the top 20 vineyards globally! 🎉 We're over the moon to spill the beans!

Paddy happened upon Quinta do Crasto many moons ago, and they have never ceased to amaze us. We find ourselves growing their range as the years go on, this year alone we’ve added three more products to our portfolio!

In case you haven't crossed paths with Quinta do Crasto before (which would be a shame, by the way), let me take you on a little adventure through its history and enchanting vibes. Picture this: a wine wonderland perched high above the River Douro, nestled between the delightful towns of Régua and Pinhão, with roots reaching back to Roman times. Can you even imagine a dreamier setting?

Since 1615 (that's right, way back!), Quinta do Crasto has been creating outstanding wines, even before Douro was officially recognized as the OG demarcated wine region. Their vineyards were the crème de la crème, earning the prestigious 'Feitoria' status, and a historic granite marker still stands proudly on the estate.

But wait, there's more! The real secret sauce lies in the location! Imagine vineyards clinging to the slopes at jaw-dropping angles, soaking in that sweet, sweet southern sun. It's this magical spot that gives birth to richer, fruitier, and bolder wines.

Hold on, it's not just about wine! The Roquette family, the cool cats who own Quinta do Crasto, also whip up heavenly olive oils. They've been at this game for over a century, preserving the estate's tradition of excellence, and they've flung open the doors for all of us to bask in its glory!

Summer 2023 has been all about Crasto! We brought in their Rose right before the big ol’ shiny ball of fire made its (brief!) appearance this year and it danced out the door. Crasto are renowned for their big, juicy reds, but this year we’ve added Altitude 430 to our list. High-altitude wine, low ABV, bursting with fruit, it’s sunshine in a bottle and has turned out to be one of the reds of the summer season.

For us, Christmas wouldn’t be what it is without Quinta do Crasto. Their ports take pride of place during our celebrations, and we’re thrilled to have added their Tawny Port to our selection this year! Of course we’ve had to trial run it, so take our word for it when we say that you need it and a wheel of St. Killian cheese at hand for about 4.30pm on Christmas Day. 

You can thank us later!

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Flor de Crasto Red
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Quinta Do Crasto LBV Port
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