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Wine Explorers Club Flight Case

The Flight Case

Secure your seatbelts and take off on this weird and wonderful exploration from grape to glass.

You don’t have to know good wine to be a member of the Wine Explorers Club. You don’t even have to travel from your sofa to experience walking the vineyards. And, if you do know good wine, buckle up, you’re in for a treat. The Flight Case lands at your door and takes you on a journey to good wine, good food, good people and good humour. The Flight Case will introduce you to fiercely independent winemakers from around the world who prioritise sustainability and respect for biodiversity over boring supermarket wine. As a Wine Explorer, you will taste wine made by hand and not in a lab all while supporting, small independent, winemakers who practice minimal intervention winemaking -- organic, biodynamic and vegan wines. The tasting notes, food pairings, and yes, sometimes even little surprises are extra perks to help make your journey even more enjoyable.

Your Wine Explorers Club Flight Crew promises you non-stop service and fun along the way!

The Wine Explorer's Club is Ireland's Original and Best Wine Club Experience - Since 2012

mix case


Start your wine exploration with a mix of 3 bottles - red & white.

€ 55 / month shipping included

red case


Start your wine exploration with a mix of 3 bottles - all red.

€ 55 / month shipping included

white case


Start your wine exploration with a mix of 3 bottles - all white.

€ 55 / month shipping included

Wine Explorers Flight Case