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Terra Minuta

Fiano, Greco

Puglia, Italy

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Terra Minuta

Terra Minuta is a gorgeous and accessible natural wine with fresh flavours of citrus and crisp orchard acidity.

Fiano, Greco
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Valentina Passalacqua

From Gargano, the spur on the heel of Italy, comes wine with all the energy and passion that biodynamic winemaking promises. Valentina Passalacqua was on a conventional path to success. She was studying law and set to contribute to her family’s industrial fortune. But she was drawn to the joy and spontaneity of the peasant life she learned from her grandmother. She started her vineyard at the foot of the Gargano Massif in Apulia to make beautiful wine and a beautiful home for her daughters. We think she’s succeeded on both counts.

The Gargano region is central to Valentina’s wine. She describes the mountains as a protective presence, safeguarding her vineyards, her terroir and the indigenous yeasts that give life to the wine.

For Valentina, biodynamic agriculture achieves an authentic expression of her beloved Gargano. In the vineyard, she manages soil biodiversity with biodynamic preparations, harvests by hand, ferments spontaneously, and keeps her wine pure without fining or filtering it. Tasting Valentina’s Terra Minuta with this in mind, you realise that great wine is as much about getting out of the way as it is about imposing winemaking techniques on the fruit.

Cantine Valentina Passalacqua

Biodynamic techniques are used throughout the vineyard to support micro-organism life in the soil; harvesting is manually made and vinification is completely natural, without filtration or clarifications.

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