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Malbec Collection - 12 Bottle Case

Malbec Collection - 12 Bottle Case

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In 1853 Malbec was first introduced to Argentine soil from its traditional homeland in France. It flourished in the Andean foothills outside Mendoza, producing wines of great intensity and depth, and today most of us know Malbec as an Argentine speciality rather than a French one.

But Malbec remains French at heart. Cahors in Southwest France has been perfecting the varietal since long before the Argentines got to grips with it. So, to mark Malbec World Day, we’re offering you a terrific case of French and Argentine Malbec.

From savoury and spicy to smooth and intense, set your taste buds on a journey from France to the Andes with this exclusive selection, delivered direct to your door. Salud! Or should that be ‘Santé’?

Bundle Contains

  • Dominio Del Plata Bodini Dominio Del Plata Bodini

    Medium in body with good intensity of plum, damson and red fruit character with a savoury, spicy finish. An outstanding Malbec from Argentina.

  • Crios Malbec Crios Malbec

    This Malbec from Argentina is a full blooded red wine with ripe dark fruits of plum, blackcurrant and leather with a warming, spicy edge. It is ideal with red meats and in particular any ...

  • Gouguenheim Malbec Gouguenheim Malbec

    This sun loving red wine from Argentina is deep in colour, plump and juicy, slight sweetness in the mouth with just the right amount of tannin, great with food or on its own.

  • Château de Gaudou Exception Château de Gaudou Exception

    From the original home of Malbec comes this soft and juicy red wine, with loads of fun and sunshine. Warm spice, dark fruit and a savoury finish all for a fantastic price. Cahors is the home of Malbec, but when Fabrice Durou first sta...

  • BenMarco Malbec BenMarco Malbec

    A deep, dark classic Malbec bursting with black cherry and blackberry flavours alongside subtle traces of cocoa. Aromas of new leather and violets tempt you to delve deeper. From Susana Balbo's son José, with grapes grown exclusively ...

  • Château de Montdomaine Touraine-Amboise Rouge Château de Montdomaine Touraine-Amboise Rouge

    This is a lively and fun Côt (Malbec). Ruby in colour, with lovely forest fruits, plums and a hint of cherry on the palate. With a touch of spice and supple tannins. Perfect with slow-cooked dishes, spicy food and goat’s milk cheeses....

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