Collection: Podgoria Sarica Niculitel DOC

Now, when it comes to wine, Podgoria Sarica Niculitel is a name that deserves attention. This region, nestled in the eastern part of Romania, produces wines that reflect the country's rich winemaking history. With a focus on indigenous grape varieties like Fetească Regală and Grasă de Cotnari, Podgoria Sarica Niculitel DOC wines offer a unique flavor profile. From crisp and aromatic whites to velvety and complex reds, these wines showcase the region's diverse terroir. The vineyards, with their favorable climate and fertile soils, contribute to the exceptional quality of these wines. So, whether you're enjoying a glass with friends or pairing it with Romanian cuisine, Podgoria Sarica Niculitel DOC wines will transport you to the heart of Romania's winemaking heritage. Na zdravie, my friends!