Collection: Marco, Franesca & Carmine Rizzello

Agricola Rizzello has been at the forefront of the rise in popularity of Primitivo and Salice Salento from Puglia. No self-respecting restaurant or wine-bar would be without one of these wines on their list, and Rizello are one of the most respected companies in the area.

Established in 1972 by Marco Pompilo Rizzello, it is now run by the next generation of the Rizzello family who bring the experience and reputation of their predecessors to their work today. The south of Italy has an unfortunate reputation for churning out bulk wine to be shipped up north for blending, but in the hands of the right producer with the right land, it delivers excellent, rich and multilayered wines like these.

The advantage of this reputation is that they cost a lot less than their northern cousins, and we believe that real value is to be found from a good winemaker-the Rizellos have a large collection of medals!- in a less-well known area.