Collection: Robin and James Dicey

Ceres started as a Dicey family passion project and is now a world-class, award-winning winery run by Robin Dicey and his two sons, viticulturist for Mt Difficulty James and winemaker Matt. Ceres is based in Bannockburn, Central Otago and sources grapes from their four vineyards: Full Circle, Swansong, Black Rabbit and Inlet. Its first commercial vintage was in 2006. Bannockburn has very differentiated soil types, which means grapes from various vineyards will produce wines with varying flavour profiles. The Dicey brothers believe that the "answer lies in the soil."

Ceres is all about quality and making wines that reflect the vineyard and the season. Around 70% of Ceres' production is Pinot Noir, with Riesling and Pinot Gris making up the balance. Ceres is a fully sustainable vineyard. ''We are one step on the journey. We are doing this for our grandchildren and beyond,"' James Dicey.