Collection: Jeremy Chasseuil

Feytit-Clinet had previously been owned by French wine giant Moueix up until 1999. They were known to produce the solid but unremarkable wines associated with industrial winemaking. After a lengthy legal battle, Jeremy Chasseuil fittingly took over the vineyard as it was Jeremy’s father who had first planted vines here.

Since then, Feytit-Clinet has gone on to become one of the most renowned growths in the region. As a viticulturalist and oenologist, Jeremy has driven change through manual harvesting, manual sorting and de-stemming of grapes. The swirling colours and velvety tannins are achieved by his gentle extraction techniques and the complexity is earned during the wines lengthy stay on its lees and a 16 – 18 month ageing in barrels.

His wines are as yet only ⅓ the price of those of his up-market neighbours. They are only going to get more expensive as this is the up-and-coming winemaker of the Pomerol appellation.