Collection: Jean-Gardies

Mas Las Cabes is the name adopted by Domaine Gardiés to mark its conversion to organic farming and their certification as "Vin Biologique."A stone's throw from the Pyrenees and the Spanish border, the vineyards are a combination of blackschists and scrubland limestone. The view overlooking the vineyards nestled in the foothills of Corbières is nothing short off spectacular. The moment we stepped on the ground, we were overcome by the fragrance of the garrigue permeatingthe air and carried by the breeze of the Mediterranean winds.

Both the red and white Mas Las Cabes are structured, concentrated, yet elegant. The Domaine Gardiés On S'en Fish indirectly translates to "we don't care." We understand that the exact opposite is true of Gardiés - they care passionately aboutliving in harmony with rough and wild nature. What they don't care about is producing wines dictated by the market, rather wines dictated by this guiding principle.