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Château La Baronne - Le Grenache


Vin de France, Languedoc, France

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Château La Baronne - Le Grenache

This wine is 100% Grenache. A blend of one-third whole bunch grapes pressed under foot. Typical of the Lignéres quest for authenticity, they wanted to make a wine with just Grenache, to showcase each grape and piece of the estate doing its own thing. The beautiful, perfumed nose is enough to tell us they have succeeded. No added sulphites, no oak, natural yeast—nothing but sweet, ripe Grenache fruit. Warm with intense red fruit, balanced by freshness. This wine instantly transports you to the white clay of the Alairac Mountains. Organic and Biodynamic certified.

Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Jean and Anne Ligneres

The story behind Château La Baronne is a modern day tale of a medical family with wine in their veins. Jean (the village doctor, like his father before him) and his wife Anne, look after the estate. The Lignères family ties to the wine world can be traced back to the sixteenth century, but it was in 1957 that Jean's parents André and Suzette Lignères bought the estate.

Today, the approach to winemaking in Château la Baronne is influenced by the medical background of its owners. As a doctor, Jean Lignères looks after his vines as he does his patients. He avoids strong chemicals in favour of building up the immunity of the vine — all farming and bottling is done according to organic and biodynamic methods.

When you visit Château la Baronne, you begin to understand precisely what goes into producing the Lignères family's exceptional wines. On our last visit to the estate, we were greeted by the family, the vineyard dog Doushka and a small army of adorable puppies. If juggling medical practices and a vineyard isn't enough; they were treating and rehoming some abandoned puppies (in between tastings). We continued our journey through the vineyards to experience the look, feel and smell of the terroir of the Alaric Mountain. The vines are well-tended, happy, healthy, and full of beautiful biodiversity and the winery is a fantastical place of experimentation, including Jean's custom-designed egg-shaped clay vessels for vinification and storage. The last stop on tour is the tasting room where it all starts to make sense. One can taste the respect of land and all living things, meticulous attention to detail, and the loving care in each wine produced by the Lignères family. 

Another trip to Château la Baronne proves yet again that wonderful people make wonderful wine.

Chateau la Baronne

La Baronne's wines are born from passion and respect for the land, reflected by their organic farming methods, showcasing the terroir of this lucky corner of Languedoc - Roussillon.

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