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Chateau La Baronne 'Les Lanes'.

Carignan, Grenache

Languedoc, France

100% of 100
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Chateau La Baronne 'Les Lanes'.

This red wine consists of fresh aromas of crushed dark berries and pepper. Intriguing flavors of violet, blackberry, and roasted herbs, leading to a full flavoursome finish.

Carignan, Grenache
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Jean and Anne Ligneres

The story of the Château La Baronne and Domaine des Lanes is the story of a medical family with wine in their veins. André (a general practitioner) and Suzette (a pharmacist), are now able to take a back seat as their sons Jean (the village doctor, like his father before him) and his wife Anne, Paul (a dentist) and Geneviève (a biologist) look after the estate.


The Lignère's family ties to the wine world can be traced back to the sixteenth century, but it was in 1957 that André and Suzette Lignères bought the estate. The approach to winemaking in Chateau la Baronne is influenced by the medical background of its owners. As a doctor, Jean Ligneres looks after his vines as he does his patients. He avoids strong chemicals in favour of building up the immunity of the vine.


All the farming is organic , and bottling is done according to the biodynamic calendar.The method used to prevent attack by a butterfly-like pest is fascinating.To prevent the male finding the female, which would result in the laying of eggs on the grapes, a small gadget giving off a female hormone is tied to the vines. This confuses the male who goes elsewhere in search of a mate. This meticulous attention to detail and respect for the environment is evident everywhere in Chateau La Baronne, particularly in the quality of the fruit.

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