Father's Day is coming up!

Father's Day is coming up!

My Dad couldn't change a plug. Wallpapering, painting… my mother wouldn't let him near them!  He redeemed himself in the kitchen though and the Sunday roast was his domain, accompanied, or course, by a big, bold bottle of red wine.

In many ways he wasn't typical of men of his generation, especially when it came to 'manly' jobs around the house. His wine choices were more predictable, and he definitely veered towards the all-there reds which didn't shrink from a nice joint of beef. 

Bordeaux is often the default option for the roast, which, it seems, is still a big favourite for Father’s Day lunch. But there are so many wonderful alternatives which are worth seeking out. If the Dad-figure in your life is a traditionalist, you might need to start a small revolution by bringing a swarthy Spanish or Italian wine to the table.  He will be delighted.

My own father was swayed away from his usual French classics by a charming yet chunky Barolo. This is a wine which is perfectly at home alongside a nicely charred rib roast with a juicy, pink interior. Silvano Bolmida doesn't believe his wine should lie in a dusty cellar for years and years - he believes it should be enjoyed young with its ripe red cherry fruit still bouncing out of the glass. He ages the wine in barrels made of cherry wood to match this essential character in his wine. Oh, those tannins are there too, so back to that nicely roasted meat. I would also have a drop decanted for an oozy cheeseboard afterwards.  

Another favourite in our house was Rioja, probably one of Ireland's most popular reds. I'm going to suggest veering a bit sideways here too and discovering the joys of Ribera del Duero. This is a similar style to Rioja, but more robust and full-bodied, so a perfect wine if you're giving Dad the day off the barbecue. Let him sit in the garden - which you've already mown - while the beautiful, smoky aromas whet his appetite and a glass of Montelaguna Roble gets the juices flowing.

Better still, if the sun is making a welcome appearance,  he deserves a nice chilled Bergaglio Gavi as a pre-barbeque aperitivo. This goes surprisingly well with the smell of new-mown-lawn which someone else has sweated over! 

Keeping the sunny barbecue dream going, I’m going to suggest a more left-field wine for the more adventurous Dads out there... The Hipster Dad if you will. If you're grilling some spicy, marinated tofu, or sweet, sticky chicken thighs, this quirky Chenin from the Loire will be a lively and interesting partner. Premier Rendezvous from natural winemakers Lise and Bertrand Jousset is a wine which breaks the rules and is not prepared to fit into a neat style box.  Does this sound like your Dad? Unconventional, original and nicely off-beat? This could just be his drop.

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