Counting down to International Prosecco Day!

Counting down to International Prosecco Day!

It’s International Prosecco Day, and we are here to soirée! We try not to talk much about our Prosecco vs supermarket Prosecco, but if ever there’s a day to sing our praises, it has to be today, right?!

Prosecco is arguably the most popular sparkling wine among Irish consumers, and with popularity comes demand. As such, the market has become incredibly saturated with subpar plonk. Often, what you find on supermarket shelves, is a saccharine alternative to what can be a delicious wine.

Boasting fresh floral flavours, zingy acidity, and of course plenty of bubbles, Prosecco is such a joy to drink. Styles range, with brut and extra brut being popular - brut means dry. Three dryness levels exist: Brut nature (driest), Extra brut (extra dry), and Brut (dry and common).

We’ve packaged up three of our favourite Proseccos for you to enjoy on International Prosecco Day – they’re beautiful representations of what Prosecco should be.

On the other hand… Prosecco has become so widely available that we want to show you a little somethin’ else. Prosecco-NO! Curious about the buzz around "pet nat" sparkling wines? Often dubbed 'hipster bubbles,' Pet Nat (Pétillant Naturel) is a natural sparkling wine. Crafted with minimal winemaker interference, it embraces nature's course to evolve into its final form.

Contrary to its newfound fame, Pétillant Naturel isn't a new trendsetter. It predates Champagne and has been cherished by the French for ages. The pét-nat technique isn't confined to one region; prime spots like France's Loire Valley and Limoux, along with Italy's "col fondo" Prosecco pet nat, lead the way. 

Grab this three-bottle Prosecco-NO case, and get to know Pet Nat like never before!


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