Alkoomi Jarrah Shiraz: Small Batch, Big Flavour! 

Step aside, wine lovers, because we've got a showstopper in town - the Alkoomi Jarrah Shiraz! Crafted with love and care, this small-batch wonder is made from the cream of the crop, handpicked from ancient Shiraz vines planted way back in '71. Talk about vintage vibes! 

Take a whiff, and your senses are in for a treat - black cherries, peppery spice, and a hint of chocolate dance on the nose. But that's just the beginning! The 2016 vintage unleashes a rich burst of black cherries and plums, sprinkled with spice and earthiness, and a finish that lingers with chewy tannins. Trust us, this gem is ready to party now or age like a fine wine for a decade. 

As part of our International Shiraz Day Celebrations, we’ve bottled up the Alkoomi Jarrah as a one-bottle gift set – treat yourself or someone you love. Someone you really love! Check out Alkoomi Jarrah and our other International Shiraz Day selections below!  

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