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Wonder Women Wine Case - 6 Bottles

Wonder Women Wine Case - 6 Bottles

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Celebrate Mother's Day and International Women's Day with our exclusive Wonder Women Wine Case. This hand-picked collection showcases the knowledge, finesse, and innovation of some of the most inspiring female winemakers in the industry.

Each bottle is a testament to their dedication and excellence, offering a unique opportunity to taste the world through their eyes. Join us in toasting to the trailblazers who are shaping the future of wine, one vine at a time.

Featuring wines from the Argentinian wine titan Susan Balbo, our good friends Marie & Sylvie Courselle of Château Thieuley, our ever popular experimenter Marine Leys of Vignereuse, and many more of our favourite female winemakers!

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Bundle Contains

  • Jose Pariente Verdejo Jose Pariente Verdejo

    The bold freshness and aromatics of José Pariente Verdejo are what earned its place as the house white in the legendary elBulli. On the palate, there are ripe citrus flavours with a lovely refreshing finish. The scintillating result o...

  • Crios Malbec Crios Malbec

    Susana Balbo talks about `being brave`-graduating as the first female enologist in Argentina in 1981, then going out to the world with her Malbec, befor it was internationally known, and becoming a part of the worldwide success story ...

  • Vignereuse La Gamelle Du Lench Vignereuse La Gamelle Du Lench

    A lovely, juicy, summer red. Five days of carbonic maceration after which the juice will be added to concrete to ferment. Super fresh now, but will taste incredible in five years too.

  • Thieuley Temps de Lune Rouge Thieuley Temps de Lune Rouge

    Temps de Lune (“time of the moon”) is made by the Courselle sisters and harvested and vinified while taking into account the Biodynamic Lunar Calendar and favouring ‘Fruit Days’. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon with minimal intervention, vini...

  • Antech `Eugenie` Antech `Eugenie`

    This cuvée, a classic Crémant from Maison Antech, has been crafted as a tribute to Eugénie Limouzy, great-grandaunt of Francoise Antech and an amazing woman, who on her own took care of the family vineyard during the two world wars.  ...

  • Félines Jourdan `Feline` Picpoul Félines Jourdan `Feline` Picpoul

    Féline is from the P.D.O. Picpoul de Pinet. It is closest to the Thau Lagoon which offers exceptional grapes that grow on a small slope plain. The soil is limestone and clay. This wine has beautiful aromatic flavours of candied citrus...

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