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Château Haut Rian Rosé 3 Bottle Box

Château Haut Rian Rosé 3 Bottle Box

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Get ready to be tickled pink by the Haut Rian Rosé! This delightful gem boasts a mesmerising salmon hue that will make your eyes pop with joy. And oh boy, does it have a nose that knows how to party! Bursting with vivacious red fruits, it`s like a fruity fiesta for your senses. The palate? Brace yourself for a tantalising tango of red cherries and succulent strawberries, dancing across your taste buds with irresistible charm.

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  • Haut Rian Rosé Haut Rian Rosé

    Haut Rian Rosé is a really pretty salmon colour. It has an extremely vibrant red fruit nose and a palate that`s full of red cherry and strawberry fruit. On the finish there`s enough acidity to balance the creamy texture, making it a g...

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