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Best Sellers Red - 3 Bottle Case

Best Sellers Red - 3 Bottle Case

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Unlock a world of velvety indulgence with this red hot trio. Savor the rich, complex notes that dance on your palate. It's a bestseller for a reason!

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  • ✅ Mullingar HQ

Bundle Contains

  • Paddy Borthwick `Paper Road` Paddy Borthwick `Paper Road`

    This is a young style of Pinot Noir that`s a firm favourite in the Wines Direct office. The hand-harvested grapes give the wine a juicy plum and berry flavour with a touch of smokiness from the wine`s 6 months in French oak. Balanced ...

  • Sainte Marie Bordeaux Superieur Rouge Sainte Marie Bordeaux Superieur Rouge

    A perfect introduction to quality Bordeaux. The bouquet has a vibrant fruit and spice intensity. There are lovely dark fruit flavours that bring suppleness to the well-balanced palate.

  • Crios Malbec Crios Malbec

    Susana Balbo talks about `being brave`-graduating as the first female enologist in Argentina in 1981, then going out to the world with her Malbec, befor it was internationally known, and becoming a part of the worldwide success story ...

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