Collection: Michiel Eradus

Who would have thought that tulips would have been sopopular in New Zealand? When Har and Sophie Eradusretired after 20 years selling this peculiar Dutch export tocurious Kiwis in New Zealand, they had saved enough money to purchase a vineyard on a small patch of land in Marlborough.

No doubt aided by their horticultural background, the firstvintage of Eradus Sauvignon Blanc was an unexpected hit. With this success, however, came the realisation that winemaking and a leisurely retirement did not go hand inhand.

Michiel quickly set about surrounding himself with aprofessional team, and soon his Ana label was winningawards. This renowned wine was Sauvignon Blanc with apeculiar mineral streak that set it apart from the glut of Sauvignons in the area, including those of his rather famous neighbour, Cloudy Bay.