Winemaker of the month: Abete!

Winemaker of the month: Abete!

Raise your glass to our Winemakers of the Month: Maria and Yoanna Abete from Bodegas Maximo Abete!

Alongside Yoanna's husband, Juanma Lerga, this passionate team crafts exceptional wines in the picturesque highlands of Navarra. Their commitment to tradition, sustainability, and natural winemaking is evident in every bottle, making them the perfect choice for this month's feature at Wines Direct.

The Abete Sisters: A Lifetime in the Wine Industry

Maria and Yoanna Abete were born into the world of wine, having grown up with a wine shop beneath their home. Their father, Maximo Abete, was inspired by the local co-operatives to create wines that captured the unique terroir of the Guerinda mountains. The sisters have since elevated this connection, focusing on indigenous grape varieties, particularly Garnacha and Garnacha Gris. Their dedication to showcasing the distinct expressions of Garnacha grown across northern Spain is truly admirable.

Reviving and Respecting the Land

The Abete sisters have taken a hands-on approach to preserving and restoring small plots of old vines around their village. By tending to vines previously owned by older villagers or renting and purchasing plots from local farmers, they've created a unique collection of wines named after the specific parcels they originate from. Additionally, their approach to using oak has evolved, incorporating larger barrels and older wood, prioritizing the origins of the fruit over traditional classifications like Crianza and Reserva.

A Modern Winery with Traditional Methods

Maximo Abete's vision for a modern winery is realized in the striking black and white design, symbolizing the contrasting elements of their work. Despite the contemporary appearance, the sisters have embraced traditional winemaking methods and adopted organic viticulture. They're also experimenting with biodynamic practices in some of their northernmost plots, ensuring the soil remains healthy and protected from erosion.

A Family Affair

After completing an engineering degree, Maria pursued a post-graduate degree in Oenology to join her sister Yoanna in the family vineyard. The women, alongside Yoanna's husband Juanma, handle most of the vineyard operations themselves. Harvesting takes place early in the morning, with afternoons dedicated to winemaking in their state-of-the-art facility.

A New Chapter: Wine and Tapas Bar

Their aunt, Raquel, has recently introduced a new dimension to the family business: a wine and tapas bar. Originally a wine shop located in their home, the move to the winery opened up the opportunity to offer wines by the glass and local culinary delights. The vineyards' rolling hills and fragrant air evoke a sense of serenity, reflecting the Abete sisters' commitment to honoring the traditions and preserving the natural beauty of their homeland.

Celebrate Bodegas Maximo Abete at Wines Direct

Join us in celebrating the exceptional work of our Winemakers of the Month, Maria and Yoanna Abete, by discovering their outstanding collection of wines at Wines Direct. Their dedication to tradition, sustainability, and the unique terroir of the Guerinda mountains is evident in every bottle, providing a truly remarkable wine experience. Cheers!

You can check out Abete Wines here!

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