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Winaro - Wine Saver

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Winaro - Wine Saver

It’s the same old story; you open a bottle in great anticipation of shared or singular enjoyment yet something (or someone!) gets in the way of finishing it. After a few days you remember you’d set it aside for future indulgence but, alas, tis too late.

Go-Go-Gadget Winesaver!

Well here’s a toast to no more wasted wine as we introduce the Winaro Original Winesaver. This trendy little gadget uniquely merges the technology that was previously only available to professional winemakers to prevent oxidation of their wine during production. Its slim and stylish design belies the technological wizardry it employs to keep opened wines fresh for up to two weeks and beyond.

Great Gas

The Winaro Winesaver harnesses the protective abilities of Argon gas by forming an insulating layer between your wine and the atmosphere, thereby preventing oxidation. Argon is a neutral, colourless, odourless and food-safe gas. This technique has been employed by wineries world-wide for decades to preserve large barrels of wine and now it is available to you.

Taste Test

We tested the Winaro Winesaver over a couple of weeks to research it out for ourselves. We used an aromatic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc as our test-subject.

  • After 1 Week – The wine tasted exactly has it had when we’d last tasted it. Its aromas were even more expressive.
  • After 2 Weeks – Again, no discernible difference in the taste and smell of the wine.
  • After 3 Weeks – Slight loss of aromatic power but very enjoyable, even when blind tasted.

The Smart Choice

The Winaro Winesaver is easy to use and its gas cartridges are good for 15+ applications. It is quickly becoming a standard in the restaurant trade while its smart design makes it a highly desirable device for wine lovers. So save your wine the professional way. It means more for you, and less for your kitchen sink!

Wines Direct

Wine; it’s not just another drink. It’s about people. It’s about places. It’s a melting pot of history and culture. And most of all, it’s about pleasure.

At Wines Direct we go out of our way to avoid boring, mass-market wines by directly sourcing from dedicated and fiercely independent winemakers.

So if you want to taste critically acclaimed wines and learn about the passionate men and women who make them, choose Wines Direct; your direct link to the world of wine.

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