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Wein Down - 6 Bottle Case

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Wein Down - 6 Bottle Case

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Look, it took us a while to find our bearings in Germany. There was a lot of soul searching, meandering, and ruminating before we eventually struck gold. Andreas Bender creates German wines. They aren’t wines with a hint of anywhere else, they’re good, solid, German wines that taste like they’ve been plucked right out of the Mosel by Angela Merkel herself.  

Austria just keeps getting better and better. We’ve worked with most of our Austrian winemakers for quite some time now and that’s purely because they’ve never let us down. Riesling can be easily forgotten, falling foul to a late 90s reputation it has long since outgrown. We’re showcasing just how versatile and downright delicious Riesling is with Karl Steininger’s stunning Riesling Sekt taking pride of place in this case.

1x Wellanschitz -Neckenmarkt, Burgenland, Austria


From the foothills of the alps, this Blaufränkisch has aromas of dark cherry and blackberry. Fermented from natural yeast; the wine is terroir-driven with a soft spicy finish.

1x Weingut Kolfok ‘Querschnitt’ - Burgenland, Austria

Rotburger, St Laurent, Blaufränkisch, Syrah

The word Kolfok has its origins in a regional dialect and describes a younger person who does not tow the line or swims against the tide. Old Rotburger vines were still grafted on their own rootstock. St. Laurent, Blauburger and Blaufränkisch with a touch of Syrah. Fermented with natural yeast in large oak barrels. Blackcurrant with a hint of cinnamon. Intense black forest fruit at the end.

1x Bender Pinot Noir - Pfalz QBA, Germany

Pinot Noir

Growing up in the Mosel, it is only natural that one of Andreas' loves is Pinot Noir (or Spätburgunder as the Germans call Pinot Noir). This wine is an excellent example of Spätburgunder with charming aromas of red fruits and blackberry, spice and cedarwood on the palate, ending in a spicy clove finish complemented by some rich vanilla and caramel from time on oak. It is elegant and softly tannic.

1x Bender Weissburgunder - Mosel QBA, Germany

Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc)

Weissburgunder is German for Pinot Blanc, but this is not Weissburgunder as you may know it. It is silky soft with lovely mixed orchard aromas and a stone fruit core palate of pear and very ripe mango. This wine is bursting with sharpness and freshness on its superb marathon-length finish.

1x Brandl Zobing Gruner Veltliner -Weingut Brandl, Kamptal, Austria

Gruner Veltliner

This Gruner Veltliner white wine from Austria has an attractive varietal nose with citrus minerality and richness.

1x Steininger Riesling Sekt - Kamptal, Austria


On the steep terraces of desert sandstone and volcanic shale grow Riesling vines that produce powerful, minerally, incredible wines with ageing potential and a precision structure reminiscent of white, often exotic fruits. Karl Steininger prides himself on having his base wine come from higher-quality vineyards, before a second bottle fermentation. An aromatic and textured sparkling, balanced with fresh minerality, lively white fruits and a long finish.

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