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Domaine Tatraux Jean et Fils Givry 1er Cru "Le Medenchot"

Pinot Noir

Burgundy, France

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Domaine Tatraux Jean et Fils Givry 1er Cru "Le Medenchot"

A bouquet of violets, strawberries and blackberries within this Pinot Noir. This is made in the traditional Burgundy red wine style with licorice and spicy length.

Pinot Noir
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Sylvain Tatraux

Givry Pinot Noir was famously the favourite red wine of ‘Good King’ Henri IV of France (reign: 1589 – 1610). While we can’t say for sure if his robust intake of this fine Burgundy was the reason he survived at least 12 assassination attempts, it certainly didn’t hinder his chances. This particular wine, made by Sylvain Tatraux, is one of the best examples of high-end Burgundy at a reasonable price that we’ve come across.


The Tatraux family have been making wine in the Côte Chalonnaise since the 1700s. Their small plots are scattered over the rolling hills on enviable soils of Jurassic limestone, eroded pebbles and clay. This wine comes from a south facing vineyard, as is required for 1er Cru.


We were transfixed with it from the very first sip. It has that hauntingly pale colour of great Pinot that belies the power of the flavours underneath; low tannins, strawberries, blackberries and that feint savoury trace that places it firmly in Burgundy rather than New Zealand. A cracker, with or without food.

Domaine Tatraux

Givry is one of the jewels of the Chalonnaise coast, a limestone ridge through which the crystalline massif of Mont-Saint-Vincent in the west comes to die to give way to the east to the Bressane depression overhanging the Côte. On 35 km long and 7 km wide, the coast extends from Chagny to Saint-Gengoux-le-National, at an altitude between 220 and 350 meters

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