Theulot Juillot
'La Cailloute'
'Elegant and stylish, lingers delightfully, I'd wear a hat to drink this one!'

Monopole Wine

Monopole is a French word for Monopoly. It is an appellation or designated winegrowing region controlled entirely by a single winery. The area can be as small as a lieu-dit (small vineyard) or as large as an entire AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée). You will see this highlighted on the label as it is rare for one winery to produce all the wine from an area.

How does this happen, you ask? The answer: Napoléon Bonaparte.

Napoleonic inheritance laws caused vineyards to be so finely divided among inheritors (even down to a single row of vines) that Négociants are necessary to commercially bottle. It is then up to us to uncover a monopole of exceptional quality to introduce to you.

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