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Domaine Luc Lapeyre Les Clots

Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Mourvèdre

Minervois AOC , Languedoc, France

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Domaine Luc Lapeyre Les Clots

This elegant red wine is the reserve wine for the legendary Luc Lapeyre. It is full-bodied with deep dark fruits and a touch of spice. Luc has an unmistakable gift for creating fascinating, charming, and refreshing wines.

Grenache reigns supreme here. Les Clots is only made in the best vintages every three years or so. The best fruit comes from vines with roots in beautiful flinty and pebbly soil. If they are deemed too rich for his L'Amourier, they will be perfect for Les Clots. The plot of Mourvèdre is planted on the other side of the village; pruning is key as too many bunches will lead to the Mourvèdre under ripening. Only the superb grapes are chosen. The Grenache ages in barrel and the Mourvèdre in large cuvées, both are spending an average of 2 years in oak.

Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Mourvèdre
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Luc Lapeyre

Luc Lapeyre's easygoing exterior belies the hard work and dedication which he applies to his wine. He is very much an instinctive winemaker. The three wines we carry, Le San Bres, L’Amourier and Les Clots all have quite different characteristics, and it is only Luc who knows what he wants to achieve, and how to go about it. The blends change according to each year’s harvest, and according to Luc’s nose and palate.


A technical question about the particular aromas and flavours of one of the wines will be answered with a Gallic shrug, telling us that that’s just the way his wine is, achieved by his intuition and experience in making the wine which represents him and his terroir. Having walked the vineyards with Luc, one gets a great sense of passion for his vocation.


Luc works organically. When we asked him was it harder working this way, he nodded but said, "It's nicer, more technical and more interesting. You have to really watch your grapes and pay attention all the time. But it's better for everybody; for the environment, for the soil, for me as a winemaker and for the customer."

Domaine Luc Lapeyre

The vineyard is located in a Mediterranean climate zone, characterized by hot, dry summers, but protected from the north winds by the Montagne Noire. The soils are diverse and varied: stony soils, limestone and schist. En savoir plus :

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