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Dessert & Fortified

Adding some dazzle to your dessert need not be any more difficult than pouring from a bottle. Or if you want something sweet without all the calories you can push aside the dessert trolley and just choose one of these wines.

Dessert wines are a delicious staple in France and Italy where they are enjoyed both as an aperitif and a food partner. It’s important to note that, while they are sweet, dessert wines only contain natural sugars. They are made with extra sweet grapes; absolutely no sugar is added. And sweet wines come in more styles than one. We have three different types, all made entirely differently.

- Sparkling dessert wines, e.g. Moscato d’Asti
- Luxurious sweet dessert wines, e.g. Sauternes, Jurançon
- Fortified wine, e.g. Port

All these wines are meant to hugged and enjoyed rather like a whiskey. So sit back and let the sheer luxury of these wines wash over you.
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