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Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, Marlborough, New Zealand

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Lovely fresh flavours of passionfruit with good balance leading to a nice fresh finish in this white wine. A Sauvignon Blanc wine that oozes quality - A Wines Direct staff favourite from New Zealand.

New Zealand
Sauvignon Blanc
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Michiel Eradus

Who would have thought that tulips would have been so
popular in New Zealand? When Har and Sophie Eradus
retired after 20 years selling this peculiar Dutch export to
curious Kiwis in New Zealand, they had saved enough
money to purchase a vineyard on a small patch of land in
Marlborough. Little did they know that they had acquired
one of the best terrains for Sauvignon Blanc in an area
known locally as the 'Golden Mile.'

No doubt aided by their horticultural background, the first
vintage of Eradus Sauvignon Blanc was an unexpected hit.
With this success, however, came the realisation that
winemaking and a leisurely retirement did not go hand in

With no little risk to his job security, their son Michiel quit
his 9 to 5 and decided to take over the operation himself. As
a statement of intent, he built the family home smack in the
middle of the vineyard and named the next Sauvignon
vintage after his eldest daughter, Ana.

Michiel quickly set about surrounding himself with a
professional team, and soon his Ana label was winning
awards. This renowned wine was Sauvignon Blanc with a
peculiar mineral streak that set it apart from the glut of
Sauvignons in the area, including those of his rather famous
neighbour, Cloudy Bay.

Alongside Michiel's bestselling Ana Sauvignon Blanc, we are
proud to bring you two additional wines from this stellar
young winemaker; his eponymous single-vineyard
Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. The vines grow in the Awatere
Valley, a sub-region of Marlborough. It is windier, dryer,
stonier and cooler than neighbouring regions, which goes
some way to explaining the zest and mineral-streak of his
Sauvignon, and the elegance and fragile power of his Pinot.


The Awatere Valley is windier, dryer, stonier, cooler and on the whole more extreme than Marlborough’s other regions. These conditions create wines with a distinct mineral backbone and crisp, clean acidity. Marlborough wines are famous for their fruit driven character and Awatere Valley wines are definitely true to this but with the minerality and crisp clean acidity from the Awatere Valley they offer something extra. Simply put, Awatere Valley wines represent “new world” fruit combined with “old world” minerality and acidity.

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