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  • Pousio Selection Red Pousio Selection Red

    A deep ruby-coloured wine, grown in the deep red iron rich soil, unique to this vineyard. The Alicante Bouschet gives wonderfully round tannins, balanced by the aromatics and fruit of the Syrah and Trincadeira.

  • Coriole Chenin Blanc Coriole Chenin Blanc

    Produced from 40-year-old Chenin Blanc vines that are well-adapted to pulling fabulous flavours from the South Australian soil. This cool climate wine has crisp and edgy citrus flavours that round out into tropical sweetness of pineap...

  • Bidoli Bolle Bidoli Bolle

    Brother and sister team, Arrigo and Margherita Bidoli, are all about the fruit. Arrigo, who is in charge of winemaking, tells us that anyone can make jam, but to preserve the freshness and vibrancy of the fruit is the skill of the win...

  • Neleman Signature Neleman Signature

    Delicious combination of fresh Verdil (an aromatic almost extinct grape from Valencia) and full Chardonnay. Due to the ageing on yeast cells, the wine gets a full, rich structure without becoming unwieldy or heavy. Perfectly balanced....

  • Jose Pariente Verdejo Jose Pariente Verdejo

    The bold freshness and aromatics of José Pariente Verdejo are what earned its place as the house white in the legendary elBulli. On the palate, there are ripe citrus flavours with a lovely refreshing finish. The scintillating result o...

  • La Sapata Aligoté La Sapata Aligoté

    We got a surprise when we found this Aligoté, traditionally the ugly duckling grape of Burgundy. Rarely seen outside of Burgundy, not to mention outside of France. Organically grown. Gentle press and fermented in temperature-controlle...

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