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If you spend much time around HQ this month, you’re sure to hear “’tis the season!” as the answer to all qualms! Well, it’s true! Everything ramps up at this time of year, and stock can become a bit of an issue. What this means for you, our customer:

  • You might receive a different bottle to what is listed online – this only applies to mixed cases. If you’ve ordered a 3 pack of the same wine you’ll be getting that wine.
  • The standard, quality and price point will not impacted – if we have to swap put, it will be for a similar wine.
  • You’ll still get to share delicious wines over the silly season!

Bundle Contains

  • Domaine de Jonc Blanc `Lo Vin Roi` Domaine de Jonc Blanc `Lo Vin Roi`

    "A brooding nose is followed by a huge concentration of dense chocolate, loganberry and mineral fruit.
    A very big wine, with explosive fruit."
    Received a gold star rating, The Best of Wine in Ireland

  • La Sapata Babeasca Neagra La Sapata Babeasca Neagra

    "With only eight hectares in production, Günther Brandl is among the very smallest producers in the area and
    he likes it that way. Brandl uses international experience, notably in South Africa, to innovate carefully and

  • Nicodemi - `Terrana` Montepulciano Nicodemi - `Terrana` Montepulciano

    100% Montepulciano. This wine has unusal depth and weight and is unfiltered. Sweet and smoky with layers of warm dark fruits, Terrana embodies the hillside character of the vineyards surrounding Abruzzo. Whether you need an accompani...

  • Guerinda La Blanca Guerinda La Blanca

    Vinasperi Selección Limitada was awarded gold following two weeks of blind tasting at the International Wine Challenge for its "balance, personality and finesse that distinguished it as deserving of an IWC trophy."

    According to...

  • Cantina Marilina `Sketta` Cantina Marilina `Sketta`

    "Pinot Grigio can be almost anything, from a pale water nonentity to a zesty, flavoursome mouthful. This is the latter, with fresh apple and citrus notes and a long cleansing finish."
    Mary Dowey, The Gloss Magazine.


  • Mas Las Cabes Blanc Mas Las Cabes Blanc

    "A wine that combines power with style; the fruits are big and almost muscular but remain ripe, smooth and creamy, overlaid with chocolate and liquorice. Food required."
    The Best of Wine In Ireland

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