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Neleman `Signature` Blanco

Neleman `Signature` Blanco

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Delicious combination of fresh Verdil (an aromatic almost extinct grape from Valencia) and full Chardonnay. Due to the ageing on yeast cells, the wine gets a full, rich structure without becoming unwieldy or heavy. Perfectly balanced.

Additional Details

  • Region: València DO
  • Vintage: 2021
  • ABV: 12.0%
  • Style: White Wine
  • Food Pairings: Rich Fish,Pork & Poultry,Light Fish & Shellfish,Fresh Greens


  • Low Acidity
       High Acidity
  • Light Bodied
    Full Bodied
  • Dry Profile
        Sweet Profile
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Neleman Organic Wine

"By doing the good things right, you make the world more beautiful." Derrick Neleman With this belief, Derrick Neleman started his study to become a biodynamic farmer. After his training, he ended up in the vineyards in Spain. And when he realized how historically culturally important wine is as a binder in a civilization, everything fell into place. When Derrick met Diego Fernandez Pons, an organic winemaker from Spain, together they hatched a crazy plan to make affordable organic wine and revive near-extinct varietals from Valencia. Neleman organic wine is made without the use of pesticides and additives. They are so careful with their grapes, and the vineyards and the nature around them that wines are delivered with bicycles — always choosing the most sustainable option in their business operations. "We take good care of the people who make our wine, sothey make better wine. With better wine, we create more special moments for the people who drink our wine." Derrick Neleman

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