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Mistletoe and Wine

Mistletoe and Wine

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Welcome to Mistletoe & Wine, a captivating wine journey curated with the utmost expertise. This extraordinary gift set features six exceptional wines from Bodegas Langa, a testament to the artistry of winemaking. 

In this selection, you'll uncover a true vinous treasure trove. Sip on the 100% Chardonnay, a wine that embodies elegance and sophistication or the 100% Garnacha which showcases the vibrancy of this classic varietal, delivering a symphony of red fruit flavours.

But the excitement peaks with the White Garnacha, a rare gem that dances on your palate with its thrilling, crisp allure. And then, there's the Concejón, an indigenous grape that reveals the winery's mastery of unique and captivating varietals.

Mistletoe & Wine is more than a gift; it's an invitation to savour the exceptional. It's a collector's dream and an adventurer's delight. Elevate your wine experience with this exclusive selection and toast to the extraordinary flavours that define Bodegas Langa.

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Bundle Contains

  • Langa Frenesi Langa Frenesi

    Produced organically by Cesar Langa, the Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon in this blend so?en the heat of the Spanish sun. There are ripe and juicy red fruits with a suggestion of cinnamon spice. This wine`s length is big and bold with...

  • Exclusive Wine Exclusive Wine

    This bundle contains exclusive wine/wines only available in this bundle!

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