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Don't Mention Wayne 6 Bottle Case

Don't Mention Wayne 6 Bottle Case

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We’re at a loss for words, but the less said about Wayne Barnes, the better. Last weekend was as painful as that David Campese knockout in ’91 and the Argentinian defeat in Japan. We’ll be thinking of last weekend’s loss for years to come. Now we know how Mayo fans feel every year. Nevertheless we are proud of our team.

This coming Friday, New Zealand (boo!) will play Argentina, so we’re making the most of the loss and popping some of our favourite wines from each country into a case for you to enjoy with the match. If you’re watching – we can’t really blame you if you won’t be, but you should probably still have some delicious wines to get you through.

Bundle Contains

  • Paddy Borthwick `Paper Road` Paddy Borthwick `Paper Road`

    This is a young style of Pinot Noir that`s a firm favourite in the Wines Direct office. The hand-harvested grapes give the wine a juicy plum and berry flavour with a touch of smokiness from the wine`s 6 months in French oak. Balanced ...

  • Crios Torrontes Crios Torrontes

    Torrontés is a typically Argentinean grape. Susana Balbo made her reputation by developing this style of wine, earning herself the title `Queen of Torrontés`. The wine is crisp with white peach and kiwi fruit flavours followed by a cr...

  • BenMarco Malbec BenMarco Malbec

    Produced by Susana Balbo`s son José Lovaglio, Benmarco Malbec is an experiment in terroir-driven wine grown higher in the Andes. It`s a classic Malbec with intriguing edges of smoke and cocoa. The palate is full of black cherry and bl...

  • Paddy Borthwick Pinot Gris Paddy Borthwick Pinot Gris

    This Pinot Gris spends 8 months in French oak and undergoes extended time on the less. The result is a wine that has fresh citrus and melon scents, with a rich mouthfeel and flavours of tangerine and grapefruit. Inspired New Zealand w...

  • Paddy Borthwick Sauvignon Blanc Paddy Borthwick Sauvignon Blanc

    The nose is fruit forward but subtle with lime, pineapple and pear aromas. Paddy`s skill in the vineyard comes through in spades; the palate is flavoursome and fresh without being pungent, the texture is soft, and balanced acidity int...

  • Crios Malbec Crios Malbec

    Susana Balbo talks about `being brave`-graduating as the first female enologist in Argentina in 1981, then going out to the world with her Malbec, befor it was internationally known, and becoming a part of the worldwide success story ...

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