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Burgundy - Chardonnay

Burgundy - Chardonnay

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This Christmas, immerse yourself in the symphony of flavor with our Bongran - Vire Clese, thoughtfully curated for those who appreciate the artistry of wine. It showcases the pinnacle of Burgundy's winemaking tradition, offering a palate that is rich, complex, and truly remarkable. As an added touch of innovation, we've included a Pulltex Antiox Stopper, ensuring that every drop of this exceptional wine remains as pristine as the moment it was opened.

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  • Domaine de la Bongran - Viré-Clessé Domaine de la Bongran - Viré-Clessé

    Domaine de la Bongran is Jean Thévenet`s flagship estate and the Viré Clessé produced there is marked by an outstanding richness and depth. The grapes are harvested late in the season so the acidity retains a mellow sense of autumn th...

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