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This Christmas, step into the realm of timeless elegance with our Bordeaux Icon Wine Gift Case, meticulously designed for discerning Christmas shoppers and those in pursuit of the perfect gift. Francoise Mitjaville’s Tertre Roteboeuf is a wine that embodies the passage of time. This extraordinary ensemble encapsulates the essence of the season with a wine that has gracefully aged for 21 years, and an innovative Pulltex AntiOX Stopper to preserve its impeccable flavour.

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  • Chateau Le Tertre Roteboeuf  - 2002 Chateau Le Tertre Roteboeuf - 2002

    Tertre Roteboeuf is a Saint Emilion Grand Cru on a 5.5 hector hill. The vines are planted in cool white limestone soil where cattle used to graze. This is where Tertre Roteboeuf derives it’s name. The vines are f...

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