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Our Christmas Classics

Our Christmas Classics

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Perfect for impressing clients and making employees feel appreciated, here we feature six outstanding wines. It's an ideal choice for major client thank-yous, significant business milestones, or as an extraordinary reward for team achievements. The elegant packaging and selection of fine wines convey a message of deep appreciation and respect, making it a memorable corporate gift.


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Bundle Contains

  • Antech `Eugenie` Antech `Eugenie`

    This cuvée, classic Crémant from Maison Antech has been crafted as a tribute to Eugénie Limouzy, great-grandaunt of Francoise Antech and an amazing woman, who took care alone of the family vineyard during the two world wars.

  • Masson-Blondelet Sancerre Blanc Masson-Blondelet Sancerre Blanc

    Although not certified as such, Jean-Michel Masson`s wine is as rigorously organic as any wine. This Sancerre is bursting with vitality and rich, ripe flavours. The gooseberry tang of the fruit is matched with a luxurious honeyed fini...

  • La Demoiselle de Sociando-Mallet La Demoiselle de Sociando-Mallet

    The second wine of Haut Médoc legend Jean Gautreau, La Demoiselle bears the signs of patience and passion. There is excellent balance throughout; rich fresh dark fruits, supporting structure of oak influence, and an outstanding length...

  • Tatraux Givry Rouge Tatraux Givry Rouge

    With the help of his wife, Sylvain manages this small 8-hectare vineyard that has existed since 1763. This is a delightful wine with the aromas of ripe cherries characteristic of the grape variety. The grapes are hand-harvested, and v...

  • Huber-Verdereau `Les Chanterelles" No. 1 Huber-Verdereau `Les Chanterelles" No. 1

    80% Gamay and 20% Pinot Noir. Gamay is unusual in Burgundy, and the 60- year-old vines are forbidden to be replaced. So this is a real one of a kind wine. Destemmed with spontaneous fermentation in concrete vats where it rests on lees...

  • Exclusive Wine Exclusive Wine

    This bundle contains exclusive wine/wines only available in this bundle!

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