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La Ferme Petit Paul Reserve Blanc

Colombard, Vermentino

Languedoc, France

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La Ferme Petit Paul Reserve Blanc

Fine example of south France’s lesser known white grapes. Light and refreshing with lively citrus and stone fruits. Ideal for sipping and sharing.

Colombard, Vermentino
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Bruno and Jerome Vic

Standing over 6 foot tall and with perfect English, Jerome and Bruno Vic are one of our outstanding finds in the South of France. Jerome’s family have been making wine for 5 generations on their estate. They have managed to successfully marry tradition with developments in modern technology.


The estate is located close to Beziers, less than 15km from the Mediterranean. Positioned on the flat, with a mixture of red iron and sandy lime rich soil, the location is perfect for ripe fruit. All this is aided by the combination of the heat of south France and the cool prevaling winds from the sea. The breezes also bring with them the typical aromas of the garrigue - lavender, thyme and rosemary - which form part of the essence of these wines.


What makes Domaine Preignes le Vieux stand out is the persistent evolution; with 16 varieties grown on the Domaine they are constantly blending new and wonderful wines. Since 2006, the estate is certified 'Qualenvi', an initiative started by the federation of independent vignerons. It ensures traceability, protection of the environment and, in this case, delicious wine!

Domaine Preignes le Vieux

The wine estate is situated at the north-west of Vias, separated from the sea by an old volcano, Roque Haute. Pierre Paul Riquet, who built the Canal du Midi, used the volcanic stone to built the structures along the Canal from Villeneuve les Béziers to Agde. The rest is clay and gravel. The Preignes’s gravel terraces correspond to the old alluvium of the Libron, brook which crossed the wine estate

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