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Paddy Borthwick Collection - 12 Bottle Case

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Paddy Borthwick Collection - 12 Bottle Case

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Paddy Borthwick Collection

2x Paddy Borthwick 2018 – Wairarapa
Pinot Noir
As with the Paper Road, the conditions are perfect for Pinot Noir, and in this wine, the best grapes from the best plots are aged in French oak (just 30% new barrels), for 11 months before bottling. Great complexity comes from the selection of the very best of the crop.

2x Paper Road 2019 – Wairarapa
Pinot Noir
Diurnal temperature fluctuations, low rainfall, low humidity and fantastic deep free-draining soils combine to create an exceptional environment for Pinot Noir. Natural yeasts, maceration on skins and maturing in mostly old French oak for eight months, are all part of the character of this juicy, fresh wine.

2x Paddy Borthwick 2019/20 – Wairarapa
Sauvignon Blanc
This is from the best grapes and shows the true expression of the Borthwick Estate Sauvignon Blanc. The excellent soil and climate, along with an intuitive approach to viticulture and care in the winery, gives this wine expressive vibrance.

2x Paddy Borthwick 2018 – Wairarapa
From only one hectare of Riesling, this is minded very carefully in the vineyard to ensure the right balance of acidity in the grapes. Picked and pressed quickly, the long, slow, cool fermentation is watched equally carefully and stopped when the optimal balance of sweetness and acidity is achieved.

2x Paddy Borthwick 2019/20 – Wairarapa
Pinot Gris
Paddy Borthwick feels this Pinot Gris really shows the skills of the team in the vineyard. Green harvesting and picking at the right time to ensure good acidity is crucial. Then careful winemaking, including half fermentation in old oak, half in steel, then on lees for nine months results in a wine with a great balance of weight, depth of flavour and that essential acidity.

2x Henry's Hills 2019/20 – Wairarapa
Sauvignon Blanc
When asked how he gets the particular flavours in his wines, Paddy Borthwick replies that he doesn't get it — it's what he's given. A combination of ancient, stony, alluvial soils, a good difference between day and night temperature, cool fermentation and stirring on lees for five months with little interference in either the vineyard or the winery give us this Sauvignon Blanc full of personality. In Paddy's words: "We like to keep it simple in the vineyard, allowing the vines to give the expression."

Paddy Borthwick

Paddy Borthwick is a regular visitor to Ireland, and a firm favourite with Wines Direct customers and staff for two reasons: his wines are excellent, and he is a charming, easygoing guy who is great fun to be with! Paddy Borthwick is a maverick whose experience in the vineyards of France and Switzerland has made him into one of New Zealand’s most unique winemakers. His fantastic 25HA estate is located in Martinborough (Wairarapa), the fine food capital of New Zealand, and it fits perfectly in this region of fantastic flavour.


Lets start with the wines: his family were sheep and cattle farmers, but he had a desire to make wine, so went to Roseworthy College in Australia, graduating with a degree in Oenology. He then spent seven years gaining experience around the world, returning to set up the Paddy Borthwick estate in 1996, releasing his first vintage in 1999. Paddy allows his wines to express their terroir, as he believes his land has perfect conditions for delivering excellent wine.


Warm daily temperatures, cool nights and low rainfall, along with free-draining soil on the banks of the river, enhance the exceptional quality of fruit produced here. The difference between night and day temperatures preserves the aromatic characteristics of the wines.


Like all the best winemakers, he makes wine instinctively, and has the confidence to take risks where others hedge their bets. With the 2011 harvest,for example, which followed a cooler and wetter than usual summer, it was this confidence and experience which allowed him to wait a bit longer than other growers in the area, let the rains pass, and pick beautiful, ripe, flavoursome grapes.


Now, all that remains is for you to try and catch the lovely Paddy on one of his trips to Ireland, either at a tasting or dinner around the country or at the Wines Direct HQ in Mullingar.

Borthwick Vineyard

The 27 hectares of vines bordering the Ruamahunga River in Gladstone, Wairarapa are on stony, free draining, alluvial soils, with a micro climate giving warm daily temperatures, cool nights and low rainfall; perfect conditions for producing distinctive, quality wines.

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