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Neleman Organic Wine Case - 6 Bottle

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Neleman Organic Wine Case - 6 Bottle


"Good wine to save the world" – Derrick Neleman

Since the day we brought Neleman to the Irish market, you have been asking for more. So without further ado, we introduce you to three new Neleman wines and an entire case full of "Good wine to save the world", just as Derrick Neleman prescribes. You'll taste a range of indigenous grapes like Verdil (near-extinct), Bobal, Monastrell, Marselan, Tempranillo, and Garnacha. This case is not only full of "good wine to save the world" but wine that is out of this world!

Derrick Neleman, a larger than life Dutchman, studied biodynamic farming in Spain and stayed to create Bodegas Neleman. A vineyard high in the Valencia Hills, providing a unique biodiversity and terroir that lends an unmistakable sense of place that has you coming back for more. Neleman wines are organic, vegan, and carbon-neutral and reflect a strong belief that wine is a heady celebration of creativity, art, nature, time, delicious taste, and ecologically sound thinking.

1x NEW! Neleman Signature 2020 - València DO
Verdil, Chardonnay
Delicious combination of fresh Verdil (an aromatic almost extinct grape from Valencia) and full Chardonnay. Due to the ageing on yeast cells, the wine gets a full, rich structure without becoming unwieldy or heavy. Perfectly balanced.

1x NEW! Neleman Nucli Blanco 2019/20 - València DO
Macabeo, Sauvignon Blanc
High up the Valencia Hills at 600 metres above sea level, cooler nights and warm days mean longer ripening times and more aromatics. It is fermented in stainless steel tanks with three months on lees leading to a fresh wine with excellent texture—citrus with a touch of grapefruit.

1x Neleman Verdil-Viognier 2020 - València DO
Verdil, Viognier
Verdil was an almost extinct variety. Thick-skinned and traditionally used in sweet wine, it gives a floral nose but needs Viognier, to provide body and some aromatics. Grapes are hand-harvested and then fermented in stainless steel tanks. The result is an aromatic, intense wine, light-bodied with a bone-dry finish.

1x NEW! Neleman Nucli Tinto 2020 - València DO
Bobal, Tempranillo
A wine with bite! The Bobal gives spicy aromas and a dark colour, and the Tempranillo offers juicy fruity aromas. This wine is everyone's friend, yet with character and Neleman's signature easy screw cork. Slightly chilled even better.

1x Neleman 2020 - València DO
Tempranillo, Monastrell
High up in the Valencia Hills, the cooling effects on Tempranillo as well as the longer ripening times mean an intense wine with loads of flavour. It is fermented in stainless steel tanks that lead to beautiful black cherry and wild strawberry flavours with a touch of spice.

1x Neleman 2019/20 - València DO
Garnacha, Marselan
If you like an explosively fruity wine, then you are in for a treat. Marselan is a hybrid between Cabernet and Grenache. Clean and bright with garnet reflections. On the nose, clean violets and cherries with so. tannins in the mouth. Powerful in taste and fruitiness are the best words to define this delicious wine. Slightly chilled even better

València DO
Derrick Neleman

Derrick Neleman

"Good wine to save the world!" Derrick Neleman

When Derrick, a charismatic Dutchman, met Diego Fernandez Pons, an organic winemaker from Spain, together they hatched a crazy plan to make affordable organic wine and revive near-extinct varietals from Valencia, and from this union Bodegas Neleman was born.

Derrick Neleman is inspired by the land and the tastes and lifestyle of Mediterranean Spain. Bodegas Neleman offers a range of organic–vegan–carbon neutral wines that reflect a strong belief: wine is a heady celebration of creativity, art, nature, time, delicious taste, and ecologically-sound thinking.

Neleman organic wine is made without the use of pesticides and additives. Their vineyards are 800 metres above sea level leading to incredibly fresh and vibrant wines. They are so careful with their unique grapes, the vineyards and nature that wines are delivered with bicycles when possible — always choosing the most sustainable option in their business operations.

"We take good care of the people who make our wine, so they make better wine. With better wine, we create more special moments for the people who drink our wine." Derrick Neleman

Neleman chooses young artists, designers and architects to create their inspiring (and very cool) labels and packaging.


Neleman Wines

Good wine is made by paying the right attention to nature and to the people who make and drink the wine.

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