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Neleman Bag in Box White (3 Litre)

Macabeo, Viognier

València DO, València DO, Spain

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Neleman Bag in Box White (3 Litre)

The best wine book you've ever read! This beautiful design naturally calls for beautiful wine and this characteristic blend of Macabeo (70%) and Viognier (30%) has succeeded. The grapes grow in vineyards that are more than 800 meters above sea level, which gives the wine a nice freshness. Lemon and lime pass by. Fresh and accessible, a feast for wine and book lovers alike! Delicious as an aperitif and goes well with salads.

València DO
Macabeo, Viognier
Derrick Neleman

"By doing the good things right, you make the world
more beautiful." Derrick Neleman

With this belief, Derrick Neleman started his study to
become a biodynamic farmer. After his training, he
ended up in the vineyards in Spain. And when he
realized how historically culturally important wine is
as a binder in a civilization, everything fell into place.
When Derrick met Diego Fernandez Pons, an organic
winemaker from Spain, together they hatched a crazy
plan to make a­ordable organic wine and revive
near-extinct varietals from Valencia, and from this
union Neleman Wines was born.

Neleman organic wine is made without the use of
pesticides and additives. They are so careful with their
unique grapes, and the vineyards and the nature around
them that wines are delivered with bicycles — always
choosing the most sustainable option in their
business operations.

"We take good care of the people who make our wine, so
they make better wine. With better wine, we create more
special moments for the people who drink our wine."
Derrick Neleman

Neleman chooses young artists, designers and
architects to create the design of their inspiring
(and very cool) labels and packaging.

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