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Golden Ticket Mystery Cases

Save over 15% plus FREE DELIVERY • 12 Bottles • No Doubles • No Duds

We've compiled 100 twelve bottle selections and asked our generous warehouse team to liberally sprinkle prizes throughout. There are over 60 individual prizes valued upwards of €15 to be won. That means at least one in every two cases has a lovely surprise in store... and that's before we even get to the wines!

On top of this we've stowed GOLDEN TICKETS inside three of the cases. The lucky customers who receive them will win a THREE MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION to the €89 TIER of the WINE EXPLORERS CLUB, absolutely free! That's at least €267 worth of wine delivered to your door over the next three months.

And the cases themselves? Unlike some case offers you may have come across, this isn't a clear-out. Instead we've chosen twelve of our favourite wines, some classic, some eclectic, and knocked over 15% OFF plus FREE DELIVERY.

It's as simple as that. We don't want you drinking our bin ends. We'd much rather give you wines at the peak of their power, with a little bit of a surprise to boot and all delivered direct to your door for €168 (RRP €205)!

* Current Wine Explorer members are equally entitled to the Golden Ticket prize.
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Strictly Limited Edition - 100 Cases Only
Normal RRP €205
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