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Domaine De Millet.


Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne , South West France, France

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Domaine De Millet.

Aromas of dark cherry and spice. Ripe, round tannins give this red wine a smooth velvety finish.

South West France
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Laurence Deche

Southwest France is the new alternative to the New World
for the best quality white wines at reasonable prices. Here
the land is less expensive, and it is perhaps embracing
technology quicker than some of the traditional
appellations. It is also beneficial for young winemakers like
Laurence who are staying at home and choosing to make
their wine rather than sell their grapes.

For years the grapes here were used for the production of
the local speciality, Armagnac (a brandy) and growers
worried more about quantity than quality. It was Laurence’s
father, Francis, who realised the land’s potential for wine
production. Laurence has continued this by bringing
winemaking to the core of Domaine de Millet. She has been
winning customers and acclaim since she took over in 1999.
Armagnac production remains a proud family tradition,
however, Laurence knows that the quality of soil in this
vineyard has so much more to offer through the subtler
and (let’s face it) more intriguing medium that is wine. The
tawny sandstone soils are reserved for her red grapes
while the limestone and clay soils host her white varieties.

While some winemakers focus on getting the most juice
from their grapes by allowing big, bland bunches,
Laurence concentrates on flavour. She limits her yield by
removing bunches which forces the vine to direct nutrients
towards the remaining grapes. She also makes sure the
sun can get to them by skilful canopy management. This
results in a lower quantity of wine, but it drastically pushes
up quality.

Chateau De Millet

The green hills of this part of Gascony are traditionally the domain of whites. Thanks to the diversity of terroirs offered to it and the richness of the climate, the vineyards of Millet have given way over the years to a more or less known red grape varieties of our Southwest: Merlot, Cabernet, Tannat

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